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DogWatch Battery Cover for Receivers
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Click left or right arrows to see pictures of different battery caps.  When ordering please specify R7, R8, R9 or R12 receiver battery cap.
Price: $16.00
DogWatch Prong and Washer
Prong and washer orders include 2 washers, 2 prongs, and a DogWatch bone.
Price: $19.00
DogWatch Test Magnet
Test Light: The test light allows you to test the receiver. Hold the test light over the contact posts and carry the receiver into the signal field a few feet from the ground. When the receiver picks up the signal from the boundary wire, the audible warning will sound and the test light will come on when you enter the correction zone.

The test light is also used to reset the training level on the receiver. For more details, see the training videos or owners manuals in the Support/FAQ section of this website.
Price: $16.00
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